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This campaign ended on October 04, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Utica College by clicking here!
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Are you ALLIN4UC Baseball?

Utica College Baseball is once again participating in the ALLIN4UC Athletic Challenge and we need YOU, our alumni, family, and friends, to help us raise money for our Florida Spring Training Trip, but also for the chance to win additional dollars for our program! 

The money raised will help our team be able to afford our Florida Spring Training Trip. Our team has been unable to take this trip the past two seasons due to COVID and we would really appreciate any help. Our trip comprises 8 Varsity games and 6 JV games which is close to a quarter of our season. This is a great trip for our players not only to get more games but for team bonding and memories they will have with them for life. Our goal is to raise $10,000. 

We can win additional funds two ways: by having the highest percentage of our alumni give back and having the highest percentage of our donor goals!

Donations of all sizes will help us reach our goals.  Make a gift today, spread the word, and help Utica College Baseball win the Challenge! Thank you for your support and Go Pioneers!

Did someone say swag?

In honor of UC's milestone 75th anniversary, the first 500 donors who give at least $75 or $7.50/monthly will receive a free pair of UC socks!

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A message from David Fontaine, Utica College Athletics Director

Thank you for your continued support of our teams!

59 days ago by Kerr Flanders
Thank you for your support -help your favorite team now!


The year's UC Pioneer Athletics Challenge is going strong - thank you so much for your support so far!  We are 60% to our goal of 750 donors!  But it ISN'T just about donors, each team has needs and has set dollar goals for their fundraising as well.  

Funds for the Challenges increased this year thanks to sponsor Tanner Stewart '10, Men's Lacrosse alumnus. Below is a update on the prizes that our teams can win, in addition to the money they raise through donors like you.

The Challenge ends Monday Oct. 4th, so keep sharing and encouraging others to join you in supporting your favorite teams or program.  Even if you don't see your favorite team below, you can see the full team stats on the leaderboard

Here are our current top teams for the three challenges:
Best Overall Participation:  ·1st place: $750  2nd place: $500 3rd place: $200
1. Softball 47.7%
2. Men's LAX 30.9%
3. Women's Basketball 30.6%

Best Alumni Participation: ·1st place: $750   2nd place: $500   3rd place: $200
1. Women's Ice Hockey 14%
2. Men's LAX 12%
3. Softball 11.6%

Best % over 2019/2020 donors (whichever was greater) 1st place: $300  2nd place: $200 3rd place: $100
1. Baseball 191%
2. Softball 74.2%
3. Men's LAX 44.7%

Go Pioneers!

59 days ago by Kerr Flanders

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