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This campaign ended on October 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Utica University by clicking here!
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George Nehme photoGeorge Nehme matched $250

George Nehme photoGeorge Nehme matched $250

An Anonymous DonorTrustee Harry Cynkus '71 matched $596

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorTrustee Harry Cynkus matched $10,000
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An Anonymous DonorTrustee Mark A. Pilipczuk gave $2,500

An Anonymous DonorTrustee Harry Cynkus gave $5,000

An Anonymous DonorTrustee Harry Cynkus '71 gave $5,000
Donate $50
Donations of $50 or more are eligible for a UC facemask (cost of mask deducted from donation amount)
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1,030 Donors - $118,200 Donated

UC is ALLIN4 Athletics. Are you? 

UC student-athletes need your support to achieve success on and off the playing field. In the second annual UC Athletics Giving Challenge, teams are raising funds for new gear and equipment, and to fill inevitable funding gaps. They are also competing to win extra dollars for their programs by reaching the highest percentage of their donor goals, alumni participation goals, and donor increase over 2019.

This year’s Athletic Challenge is sponsored by Tanner Stewart '10.

Check the "Donors" tab on this page to see your team's progress on the Leaderboard!


Staff & Faculty 

Make a gift via payroll deduction by clicking HERE

Last year you went ALLIN4UC - Are you still ALLIN?

For 75 years, Utica College has helped learners create futures beyond their imagining. 

How? By going ALLIN for our students—in the classroom, on the playing field, and by making a UC education accessible to all. 

Join us through Monday, October 4 for our 2nd Annual ALLIN4UC75 Crowdfunding Challenge. As we celebrate the College’s 75th Anniversary, philanthropic support from alumni and friends is critical in helping our students continue to achieve their goals. 

Did someone say swag? In honor of UC's milestone 75th Anniversary, the first 500 donors who give at least $75 or $7.50/monthly will receive a free pair of UC 75th Anniversary socks!

Will you go ALL IN again? As part of the ALLIN4UC75 initiative, we’re inviting every member of the Pioneer family to give to the area of UC they care about most. Gifts of any size can make a BIG difference to current and future students in four areas of the College:

Every gift helps us reach our goal of 1,500 donors by October 4, 2021. 

Go ALLIN4UC and help us spread the word today by becoming an Advocate and sharing this on your social networks. 

270 days ago by Kerr Flanders
Thank you for being ALLIN4UC!

Thanks to your incredible support, #ALLIN4UC exceeded our donor goal Friday night with time to spare! 

A heartfelt thank you to each and every donor who contributed to our students and the College!

When we’re ALLIN4UC, we can do amazing things!

599 days ago by Kerr Flanders
WOOHOO! We hit our goal of 1000 donors!

Thank you so much for all those that have become ALLIN4UC!  It is truly amazing the things we can do when we are ALLIN!

We made our goal of 1000 donors with time to spare!  ALLIN4UC officially ends at 9:00 PM EST.

Our top donor for this initiative, Trustee Harry Cynkus '71 is so impressed at how many of you are ALLIN, he wants to see it keep going for the next 3 hours so he will be matching the next 100 gifts up to $50 each.  So your $50 gift is worth $100 to UC students.

Share this one last time and keep the Pioneer spirit going!  ALLIN4UC - Go Pioneers!  #ALLIN4UC

604 days ago by Kerr Flanders
Just about 32 hours left of the UC Pioneer Athletic Challenge!

Let's get them all across the finish line!  There is just over 1 day left to achieve the goal of 500 donors for UC Athletic teams.

Extra funds the teams can earn:

Overall participation rate: 1st place $500  2nd place $250  3rd place $125

Alumni participation rate: 1st place $750  2nd place $500 3rd place $125

Best increase over last year donors: $250

Here are our current standings as of 12:30pm today:

Overall participation:

1. Women's Basketball 71.3%

2. Women's Lacrosse 57.3%

3. Women's Hockey 17.7%

----Men's Lacrosse is not far behind with 17.6%

Alumni Participation rate:

1. Women's Basketball  35.6%

2. Women's Lacrosse 34%

3. Men's Lacrosse 16.7%

Thank you so much to those that have already donated, your support is greatly appreciated.  You can still help out your team even more by sharing the campaign on your social networks and encouraging other parents and alumni to join you to support your favorite team.  Click the links below to share.

Go UC!

605 days ago by Kerr Flanders
GO UC! ONLY 4 days left to get to 1000 donors!

ALLIN4UC hit 750 donors today - 75% of the goal!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to what you love at UC!

Here is how ALLIN4UC is stacking up:

  • Annual Fund is at 103% of the goal 250 donors.
  • UC Pioneer Athletic Challenge is at 63% of their goal of 500 donors.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative is at 62% of their goal of 100 donors.
  • Academic is at 80% of their goal of 150 donors.

Trustee Harry Cynkus ’71 has issued another challenge!  He will donate another $5,000 to UC’s highest priority needs when we get to 1000 donors!

We can do it - when we’re ALLIN4UC, we can do amazing things.

Help us get there by sharing one of the mini-campaigns listed above on all your social networks. Click the link below to go to the campaign and then share to facebook or other social networks.

608 days ago by Kerr Flanders
Aquatic team video

619 days ago by Kerr Flanders
​We made it to 500 donors!

We are halfway through the ALLIN4UC campaign and halfway to our donor goal!  

Thank you so much to those that have chosen to support Utica College and give to the areas they love.

With the 500-donor milestone, we are excited to announce that UC Trustee Harry Cynkus '71 has donated an additional $5,000 to support our students through the Annual Fund.

It gets better!

We can also announce that Harry Cynkus '71 has offered to donate $20 per donor up to $10,000 in donations (matching gift to be allocated to the Annual Fund).


Trustee  Mark A. Pilipczuk '88 has issued a challenge gift and will donate $2,500 when we get another 250 donations.

Thanks to the generosity of these supporters, it's truly an incredible time to go ALLIN4UC.

If you've already made a gift (thank you!), please encourage others to participate by sharing ALLIN4UC to your social media. 

Let's reach 1000 donors by Oct. 30!

620 days ago by Kerr Flanders
Women's Basketball alumni video

625 days ago by Kerr Flanders
Track and field and cross country team video

625 days ago by Kerr Flanders
Men's basketbll team video

625 days ago by Kerr Flanders
VolleyBall team video

625 days ago by Kerr Flanders
Team Videos

We asked the teams to submit a video to let you know why you should be ALLIN4UC Athletics and help them win the Challenge!  Check out the page for video releases.

Thank you to those that have given to date.  Please don't forget to share the campaing on your social netowrks to continue to help your team.  The challenge is starting to heat up!

625 days ago by Kerr Flanders
ALLIN4UC- Athletics Challenge - Frequently Asked Questions & Rules:

What are the Challenges?

·         Overall Participation Rate:  1st place: $500  2nd place: $250 3rd place: $125

·         Alumni Participation Rate: 1st place: $750   2nd place: $500   3rd place: $125

·         Best Increase over FY19 donors: $250


How is the Overall Participation rate winners determined?  The teams with the greatest participation rate of potential donors.  Potential donors is based on number of eligible alumni, number of current athletes and current parents (assuming 1 per athlete)*

How is the Alumni Participation winners determined?  The teams with the greatest participation rate of eligible alumni.  This number does include multi-sport athletes.*

Is there a minimum dollar amount for my gift to be counted toward the challenge?  Yes for a gift to count toward the challenge it needs to be $5 or more

Can I give more than once to help my team? You may only give one time to support your team. (per email and name, duplicates will only be counted once)

What if I want to give to more than one sport?  The crowdfunding platform allows you to split each gift you make between two teams, but not more than two.

Teams potential donors, alumni, and dollar goals


#Total donors


Last years donors #





Men’s Basketball




Men’s Lacrosse




Swimming &WaterPolo












Women’s Basketball




Women’s Ice Hockey




Women’s Lacrosse




Women’s Soccer








633 days ago by Kerr Flanders

Designation Leaderboard
Follow your team on the Athletics LeaderboardDonors$ RaisedGoal (Donors)%
Women's Basketball152$4,87017885.4
Women's Lacrosse133$4,72719269.3
Men's Lacrosse64$7,07628422.5
Women's Hockey45$4,80016926.6
Women's Soccer19$7852457.8
Men's Basketball18$1,5102606.9
Track & Field and Cross Country15$6604703.2
Swimming, Diving & Water-polo12$6553723.2
Tennis - Women1$502010.5
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